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Interactive Web Response System
Interactive Web Response System (IWRS/IVRS)

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ClinTrak® Capabilities

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Medpace ClinTrak EDC Demonstration

Medpace ClinTrak IWRS-EDC Demonstration

Medpace's ClinTrak® Interactive Web and Voice Response System (IWRS/IVRS) and services can be customized to provide the exact level of functionality required for your study including real-time subject status/visit tracking, drug supply/shipment management, and randomization. ClinTrak IWRS/IVRS links together and enhances communication between Medpace, the Sponsor, and research sites, and can be accessed globally via both touch-tone phone-based and web-based interfaces 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

ClinTrak IWRS/IVRS has been utilized in studies spanning nearly 55 countries and has recorded nearly 700,000 individual system transactions.

IWRS/IVRS customized services can include:

  • Medpace IWRS/IVRS Project Manager assigned to coordinate all setup, programming, validation, and training activities.
  • Complete Subject Enrollment Tracking (screening through end of study).
    • Real-time team notifications
    • Eligibility and visit window enforcement
  • Subject Randomization.
    • Block-based or centrally managed with multiple stratifications
    • Emergency/Pharmacovigilance code breaks
  • Site Investigational Product/Supply Management
    • Automated and customizable supply/re-supply schemes
    • Direct integrations with 3rd party vendors/depot for storage and distribution
    • ClinTrak SM (Study Management) Module Integration.
      • A single source for site list and user management
      • Team dashboard and reporting access
    • ClinTrak Lab Module Integration.
      • Enforce central lab eligibility prior to randomization
      • Usage of lab results in stratifications.
    • ClinTrak EDC (Electronic Data Capture) Module Integration
      • Auto register subjects and demographics
      • Access to IWRS/IVRS data for use in CRF edit/overdue checks
    • Subject Electronic Diaries (ePRO)
      • Phone/Web based collection of subject diaries
      • Subject reminder calls to drive compliance
    • Global 24/7 IWRS/IVRS Help Desk.
      • Want to learn more? Contact the Medpace location nearest you.