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imaging management technology
Imaging Management

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ClinTrak® Capabilities

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Medpace ClinTrak EDC Demonstration

Medpace ClinTrak IWRS-EDC Demonstration

A powerful proprietary software program, ClinTrak Imaging integrates image tracking, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and data management to store and manage data from all imaging and reading centers.

Whatever the study, ClinTrak Imaging readily handles the images and data, including analog images from previous studies. Analysis can be performed for inclusion/exclusion criteria assessment on an ongoing basis throughout the study to maintain quality control and as a batch analysis as subjects complete the study. All analyses can be performed in a blinded fashion based on study-specific requirements.

Technician feedback and reporting are built in, so imaging centers can quickly identify and correct any potential problems. ClinTrak Imaging also provides ongoing status reports so sponsors can track the progress of the study.

Features include:

  • Site Personnel and Study Contacts
  • Technician tracking
    • Tracking of training, certification, and re-certification for all technicians involved in the study, sorted by country and site.
  • Subject Eligibility
    • Tracking of imaging related eligibility criteria by subject
  • Subject Scan Reports
    • Site-specific reports include eligibility, assessment of scan acceptability, and/or need for repeat evaluation.
    • Technician-specific reports provide qualitative and/or quantitative assessments for ongoing technician feedback.
  • Image tracking, anonymization, and masking for blinded assessments
  • Independent reader module
    • Study specific assessment criteria for use by Imagepace reader or other Sponsor identified reader.
  • Image viewing capabilities
    • Web based environment for view-only access of images by study team or Data Safety Monitoring Boards (DSMB).
  • Web Posting
    • Status reporting for tracking of study status.
    • Secure, customized access based on role (Sponsor, site, et al.) for sharing of study-related documents or reports.

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