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Neuroscience and CNS CRO experts, experience and execution
Neuroscience Clinical Research

Neuroscience CRO for Clinical Research

Medpace combines best practices in neurologic and psychiatric development, local and global regulatory insight, and neuroimaging expertise to successfully meet the unique challenges of neuroscience clinical development. Medpace is the neuroscience CRO that helps our clients:
  • Accelerate recruitment and streamline trials
  • Recruit sites with proven track records and year of experience in neuroscience trials
  • Integrate high quality centralized imaging services efficiently and cost-effectively

Neuroscience Experience

Medpace has conducted Phase I-IV neuroscience trials around the world. Our staff is experienced in the following areas:

Neurology Pain Psychiatry

Alzheimer’s disease
Multiple sclerosis
Opioid-induced constipation
Sleep-wake disorder
TTR amyloidosis
Chronic non-cancer pain
Postherpetic pain
Autistic disorder
Fragile X syndrome
Major depressive disorders
Post-traumatic stress disorder

The Medpace Difference for Neuroscience Studies

In addition to the Medpace Difference that applies to all of our therapeutic areas, our neuroscience clients benefit from:
  • Medical experts who are thought leaders, invited speakers at industry events
    • Board-certified neurologist with additional training in neuro-oncology and neuro-immunology and who has more than 20 years of combined experience in clinical research and the pharmaceutical industry
    • Board-certified psychiatrist with more than 10 years of experience in clinical and academic psychiatry and who was a clinical reviewer at FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, Division of Psychiatry products
  • Experienced trial team which includes the appropriate medical director, clinical trial manager with Ph.D. in neuroscience and several clinical trial managers who have been involved in managing and executing neuroscience trials.
  • Medpace Imaging Core Laboratory and neuroimaging experts to ensure the highest quality imaging acquisition and interpretation.