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ClinTrak Imaging Integration
Imaging Core Laboratory and Clintrak

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ClinTrak Imaging Integration

Integrated with ClinTrak, the Medpace proprietary study management system, ClinTrak Imaging consists of leading edge technologies to track, interpret, and communicate critical project information in the most timely and secure manner possible. Featuring an intuitive, web-based interface, ClinTrak is designed to integrate all components of the trial and provide access to study data and metrics.

ClinTrak Imaging is an ICL developed proprietary application with web−based front−end and robust SQL−server back-end. Run on Medpace owned and operated redundant services, ClinTrak Imaging provides real-time central tracking, data management, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and image-related reporting information.

ClinTrak Imaging is capable of reading Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) images and clips as well as digitizing VHS images, or standard film for studies that were not originally stored in DICOM format. Image analysis can be performed for inclusion/exclusion criteria assessment, on an ongoing basis throughout the study, or as a batch analysis as subjects complete the study. All analyses can be performed in a blinded fashion based on study-specific requirements.

Features Include:

  • Secure username/password access
  • Image/scan tracking and archiving
  • De-identification
  • Data management/query resolution and tracking
  • Customized cCRF for entry of image analysis data
  • Image analysis results database
  • Real-time web-based status reporting
  • Audit trail
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant

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