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Medical Device Data Management
Medpace Medical Device

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Medpace Medical Device
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Medpace Medical Device B.V.
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  • Fact Sheet: MMD Overview
  • Fact Sheet: Cardiovascular
  • Fact Sheet: Ophthalmic
  • Fact Sheet: Orthopedic

  • Data Management

    Medpace simplifies study conduct, management and reporting using our proprietary clinical trial management system, ClinTrak, a complete suite of electronic management tools designed to organize all aspects of the drug development process.

    Real-time Data Review

    The in-house site manager, who maintains routine contact with the site staff throughout the study, reviews data in real-time to provide timely feedback to the site and to proactively address any questions the sites may have. This real-time data review ensures our sponsors receive the most up-to-date metrics without any significant delay in reporting. Together, Medpace and the sponsor can work collaboratively to address any data-related issues that are revealed by these metrics. This ensures the study stays on track and there are no surprises later in the process.

    Data Management Services

  • Build database
  • Track and review CRFs
  • Prepare data management documents
  • Code relevant datasets
  • Clean/edit data
  • Query, track queries
  • Final database review
  • Deliver final database