Therapeutic Focus

Specialization in core therapeutic areas provides the advantage of scientific leadership that translates medical, operational and regulatory knowledge into execution, as well as access to the KOL and site relationships that drive successful research

Medpace is unique in its scientifically-driven approach to clinical research. The Medpace model gives you the advantage of early and ongoing insight and guidance from therapeutic experts throughout trial design and execution. Our therapeutically-focused culture facilitates cross-collaboration across specialties to incorporate various medical perspectives and considerations. All project teams are led by medical, regulatory and operational experts with deep therapeutic experience who are fully engaged throughout every study, providing guidance and averting potential roadblocks by staying close to the project.
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Integrated Efficiency

The built-in collaboration and efficiencies of working with a single vendor facilitate a streamlined strategy for executing even the most complex global studies

Integrating core clinical trial services delivers an efficient and streamlined execution.  Medpace offers comprehensive and fully-integrated laboratory services including global central laboratories, bioanalytical laboratory, ECG core lab, and imaging core labs, as well as a clinical pharmacology unit.
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Global Reach

With resources around the globe, Medpace can deftly navigate local languages, cultures, and processes to avoid delays and missteps—delivering seamless execution amid the complex landscape of global clinical development.

As a global CRO with an operational footprint across 37 countries, Medpace has broad experience designing and conducting Phase I-IV clinical trials around the globe. From feasibility to patient recruitment, to study start-up, Medpace has the resources to advance your medical therapeutic in any region. Global reach also means that our medical, and operational specialists have country-specific expertise to deliver faster enrollment and obtain access to country-specific patient populations, while our regulatory experts can plan and coordinate each aspect of regulatory strategy and engagement — locally and globally.
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Organic Growth

Our 27-year history with purposeful, organic growth provides consistency in leadership, deep institutional experience, and incomparable efficiencies for a top-10 CRO

While the CRO industry has grown primarily through mergers and acquisitions, Medpace has expanded through disciplined organic growth—expanding globally to operations in 37 countries and 3,100 employees, adding specialized medical, regulatory and operational experts, and refining and enhancing custom-built technologies and processes to best serve the needs of our clients. The result is a culture built on quality that has not been disrupted by acquisitions, and that delivers ongoing efficiencies and stability.
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