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  • What are the current trends in successful NASH trial recruitment?
  • How can differences in epidemiology and patient management paradigms in the US vs. Europe be leveraged to improve recruitment?
  • How can differences in NASH between Western and Eastern population reflect on patients’ suitability in early/late NASH trials?
  • What are the most successful current biomarkers in NASH clinical trials?
  • What endpoints should be considered at different stages of development in Phase 2-4 trials?

Imaging & Liquid Biomarkers


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In this webinar, medical and operations experts from Medpace facilitate a Q&A session with Dr. Stephen A. Harrison, an experienced Key Opinion Leader (KOL) in NASH. The presenters participate in an in-depth discussion on selected topics associated with NASH development as well as strategies and opportunities for researchers. 

Key questions that will be addressed include: