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Learn More About Medpace’s Flow Cytometry Capabilities

Medpace has an experienced flow cytometry team overseen by PhD-level scientists with over 10 years of experience designing, analyzing, and interpreting multicolor flow cytometry assays. In addition to those in-house-validated ready-to-go panels (e.g. TBNK), we also offer study-specific full customized panels. Whether a custom panel needs to be developed or a method needs to be transferred to our laboratory to support a global clinical trial, we have the experience to quickly validate and implement the flow cytometry testing.

Global flow cytometry services are performed in our US, Belgium, and Singapore laboratories:

  • Analysis on sample types: whole blood, CSF, human bone marrow aspirate, and PBMCs
  • Intracellular cytokine assays
  • CAR T-cell assays (PK and PD)
  • Receptor occupancy assays
  • Intracellular measurement of second messengers (e.g. CAMP, Mg2+ and Ca2+)
  • Receptor functional assays (such as phosphorylation – phosphoFlow)
  • Immune cell, rare cells, progenitor enumeration
  • PNH assay (CAP PT)
  • Immune cell phenotyping and Immune cell function assays
  • TBNK assay (CAP PT)
  • Our service is always bundled with High-Parameter analysis (FlowJo, FACSuite, FACSDiva)

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