CRA Training Program

PACE® Certificate Programs

As an extension of PACE®, Medpace offers advanced training curricula in many therapeutic areas specifically designed for CRAs with the skill set and experience necessary to monitor more complex studies.

Medpace also offers certificate programs in the following therapeutic areas and are designed for CRAs to learn the skill set and obtain the experience necessary to monitor complex studies within these indications:

  • Oncology
  • Medical device
  • Rare disease
  • Infectious disease
  • Advanced therapeutic medicinal products (ATMP)
  • COVID-19

These certificate programs consist of self-directed study, interactive training and testing modules, therapeutic-specific discussions led by Medpace Medical Monitoring staff, and in-field training opportunities.

PACE® Development

After completing PACE®, Medpace CRAs continue to receive ongoing training through the monthly CRA newsletter and seminars offered approximately once a quarter. The monthly CRA newsletter includes system updates, case studies, and helpful reminders.

Seminar topics include industry updates/best practices, core monitoring SOP revisions, ClinTrakSM (Medpace Clinical Trial Management System) work flow enhancements and improvements, specialized therapeutic area seminars, and many more. The seminars are led by Training & Development and Medpace Medical Monitoring staff.

Additionally, PACE® continues to develop CRAs by offering specialty role-based trainings for those that become Mentors, Trainers and/or Lead CRAs.