UK Modern Slavery Act

Modern Slavery Act Compliance Statement 2019-2020

The UK Modern Slavery Act requires certain companies operating in the UK to publish a slavery and
human trafficking statement and to publicly state what, if anything, it has done to prevent slavery and
human trafficking in its business and supply chain. This statement constitutes Medpace’s statement for

Medpace does not tolerate human trafficking, child labor, or modern slavery of any kind in any Medpace
operations. This extends to the work done by vendors on our behalf. Medpace trains all of its employees
in the recognition and elimination of any forced labor or modern slavery in its operations. These
practices are not tolerated in the recruiting of Medpace employees or clinical trial patients, or in the
Medpace supply chain.

Medpace is involved in many different aspects of clinical research providing services to the
biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Medpace is not a supplier of goods and
materials. Medpace considers the risk of slavery or human trafficking in its supply chain or business to
be low. Clinical research is a highly regulated business sector that is subject to periodic compliance
audits by regulatory authorities and its customer base, the sponsors of clinical research. Medpace also
performs its own audits for compliance with the law.

In addition to Good Clinical Practice (GCP), Medpace adheres to all local laws regarding the enrollment
of clinical trial participants who may be at higher risk of coercion, such as children and prisoners.
Medpace reports annually on its adherence to the UK Modern Slavery Act requirements.

Medpace has in effect SOPs which govern its practice in hiring new vendors. As part of the process to
hire new vendors, Medpace first assesses vendor risk and performs credentialing to mitigate risk.
Medpace will not contract with a vendor that has not been credentialed or is not in good standing.
Additionally, all vendors are subject to performance reviews during the term of the contract with
Medpace. These procedures mitigate any risk of Medpace working with companies that are involved in
human trafficking or slavery. Medpace is fully committed to complying with all of the laws affecting its
business, including the UK Modern Slavery Act.