About Medpace

You will find the Phase I Unit on the Medpace campus at
5355 Medpace Way, Cincinnati, Ohio

You will find the Phase I Unit on the Medpace campus at
5355 Medpace Way, Cincinnati, Ohio

About the Medpace Phase I Unit

At Medpace Phase I Unit, our goal is to advance medical knowledge and help bring new treatments to the public. Before a drug or device can be introduced to the public, it must undergo a series of studies to prove that it is safe and tolerable.

We have conducted hundreds of Phase I Studies and have built a staff of qualified and experienced professionals who work to safely manage our studies.

Medpace building exterior

5355 Medpace Way, Cincinnati, Ohio

Headed to the
Phase I Unit?

The Phase I Unit Facility –
Designed with Patients in Mind

The majority of our studies require a combination of overnight stays and outpatient visits to the Medpace Phase I Unit, which is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. In order to make your stay as comfortable as possible, the Medpace Phase I Unit and its amenities are designed with our volunteers in mind.

The Phase I Unit amenities include but are not limited to:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Recreation rooms outfitted with widescreen televisions
    • Multiple streaming services available
    • Gaming systems
  • Space to spend time on your computer

Participants can access their dedicated lockers throughout their stay for extra storage of personal items. Participants will also enjoy study-specific, catered meals and snacks. The Phase I Unit features both semi-private rooms and dormitory-style modules. Subject rooms are also designed with participants in mind to ensure patient safety and comfort. 

Medpace Phase I Unit medical staff

Phase I Unit Staff

The Medpace Phase I Unit is fully-staffed around the clock by trained and certified medical professionals, physicians, and nurses. Your safety is our primary focus.

You are never far from our trained medical professionals and nearby facilities if necessary. Our studies are only conducted after IRB (Institutional Review Board) review and approval while following ICH (International Council for Harmonization) guidelines and GCP (Good Clinical Practices).