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Imaging Core Laboratory
Medical Imaging Core Laboratory

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Medpace Imaging Core Lab (ICL) combines state of the art imaging services with Medpace clinical teams to provide a unique partnering philosophy. Medpace delivers effective, end-to-end collaboration, training, and resource planning around the globe. Working closely with the industry's top therapeutic experts, our proficient and experienced team members engage quickly and provide strategic thinking – ensuring quicker start-up times, superior quality, and the most efficient delivery at every phase of your trial.

Medpace ICL provides an end-to-end suite of global imaging services to enhance and expedite biopharmaceutical and medical device development across therapeutic areas utilizing appropriate imaging modalities. ICL partners with imaging experts from major academic and clinical institutions involved in research. These experts have worked on numerous pharma- and device-sponsored studies for many years and have integrated these activities into their daily work-flow to provide timely, expert readings. In addition to readers, the majority of our imaging trial medical experts are drawn from these institutions, which allows us to provide a customized experienced reader network for your study.

The Medpace ICL team brings a robust combination of imaging expertise and clinical trial experience to ensure that imaging components are seamlessly integrated into the complex structure of the overall clinical trial. Medpace ICL is located on a new Medpace campus in Cincinnati US and is adjacent to Medpace Clinical Pharmacology Unit (CPU) and clinics for Phase I-IIb studies requiring an imaging component. ICL is a global core imaging laboratory with additional offices in Leuven and Beijing.

Independent Centralized Image Readers

Medpace ICL can provide blinded central readings from a defined pool of over 200 board certified, subspeciality trained radiologists, cardiologists, and other specialists working in a secure environment utilizing identical software and workstations integrated into ClinTrak Imaging, allowing for prompt turnaround and continuous oversight.

0ur Readers have extensive clinical trial experience with cardiovascular, central nervous system, musculoskeletal, oncological , endocrine, gastrointestinal, and pulmonary diseases, as well as interventional and medical device studies, utilizing imaging modalities such as CT, MRI, PET/CT, 3 D volumetric analysis, ultrasound, DEXA, angiography, endoscopy, and photography.

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