Trusted by Biotech

trusted by biotech
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Full-Service Versus Functional

A full-service provider versus a functional provider can increase the probability of success. The more partners involved, the higher the chance for conflicts in the drug development process. This can impact costs and milestone success.

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Solution-Oriented Project Teams

In a continuously changing and challenging industry, flexibility and problem solving are critical. Medpace’s ability to proactively identify and mitigate unexpected problems and a streamlined decision-making structure helps keep clinical development on track. 

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An Extension of Your Team

Emerging biotechs often lack the full-scope of resources necessary to take compounds through all stages of drug development and on to approval. Medpace’s depth of medical, regulatory, and operational expertise – as well as wholly-owned, integrated labs and imaging – provides the resources and services that enrich and strengthen your team. 

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Right-Sized for Responsiveness 

Selecting the right CRO partner is one of the most critical decisions a biotech makes. As a mid-sized CRO with global capabilities, Medpace is big enough to manage challenging trials of all sizes, yet small enough to give you the attention and focus demanded by your stakeholders.

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Experienced Execution

Challenging science coupled with complex regulatory frameworks require an experienced CRO. Medpace can provide drug development expertise and regulatory experience, as it is crucial to ensure robust study designs and to facilitate efficient clinical trial execution, as well as impactful agency and site interactions, and regulatory submissions. 

Medpace can apply its medical and regulatory foundation across therapeutic areas and diseases, rare diseases and orphan indications, as well as leading technologies and platforms to optimize your study.

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Integrated Central Labs Expertise

In an increasingly complex drug development environment, direct access to scientific expertise is indispensable. At Medpace, our scientists are embedded in your projects. They go well beyond just executing to specs—they work directly with your team to map out the best course of action. This drives quality and avoids missteps that could cost you time and money. This direct accessibility is rare in other central labs.

An Integrated Clinical Research Partner for Emerging Biotechs 

Biotech companies are the trailblazers of the drug development industry. Often working on novel treatments for emerging diseases with innovative science, biotechs push the boundaries of clinical research every day.

As a CRO dedicated to the support of emerging biotechs, Medpace takes pride in our clients’ work. As a partner, we share your passion for research and strive to help you achieve success. For us, the biotech market has always been our focus, not an ancillary business in response to market conditions. Our full-service model, our team-based approach, our size, and our experience managing some of the industry’s most complex studies, has helped earn our reputation as the CRO Trusted by Biotech®.

Medpace at a Glance

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An Operating Model Designed to Accommodate Efficient Partnering with Emerging Biotech

Medpace’s primary client is a small to mid-size biopharma company who is looking to partner under a full-service model where our medical,  regulatory, and operational expertise can help accelerate development. We understand the complex challenges facing biotechs. Our culture and our operating structure are purposely designed to accommodate efficient partnering, important for emerging biotechs with limited resources and sometimes limited experience.

“We only work where we are confident that we can truly add value. All of our executions start in the medical science. We bring with us a sense of responsibility and ownership, and we really want to be the right partner, the seamless extension of the sponsor team, to help them get this new therapeutic modality to market.”

Reinilde Heyrman, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Medical Department, Medpace

The Latest Insights in Biotech Clinical Research

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right-sized for responsiveness

As a mid-sized CRO with global capabilities, Medpace is big enough to manage challenging trials of all sizes, yet small enough to give you the attention and focus demanded by your stakeholders.