Hematology & Oncology CRO

Medpace has the medical leadership, hematology and oncology trained staff, global trial experience, and site relationships to make your study a success.

Medpace has the medical leadership, hematology and oncology trained staff, global trial experience, and site relationships to make your study a success.

Proven Expertise in Hematology
& Oncology Clinical Development

Clinical development for hematology and oncology therapies have advanced rapidly and evolved in complexity. From clinical trial management complications, to the urgency of finding better outcomes for patients, trust the expertise of a proven hematology and oncology CRO who has the medical leadership, therapeutically-trained staff, global experience, and site relationships in place to make your study a success.


Making the Complex Seamless® in Global Hematology & Oncology Clinical Development

Be confident in the successful design and conduct of your hematology or oncology study  with guidance from the experienced team of specialized oncology & hematology experts at Medpace.  Our deep and broad experience includes having conducted research in a full range of solid tumor and hematologic indications and therapies from classic multi-cytotoxic agents to cutting-edge and targeted therapies. Whether your study is a small, focused trial or a large, global study, Medpace has the knowledge and expertise to give you a competitive advantage.

Our specialized hematology & oncology team help guide Sponsors through:

  • Developing successful strategies for even the most novel therapies
  • Planning and conducting effective studies
  • Competing successfully for high-performing global sites
  • Expediting study start-up and recruitment
  • Navigating the global regulatory landscape to expedite approvals

The Medpace Advantage in Hematology
& Oncology Clinical Trials

Gain a competitive advantage for your study in the ever-evolving landscape of hematology and oncology
drug and biologic clinical development. With our unique approach to clinical research, we have earned
a reputation for taking on some of the most complex and challenging cancer research studies.

Hematology & Oncology CRO Capabilities

With our proven full-service outsourcing model, Medpace delivers high-quality results. In the competitive field of hematology and oncology, we have earned a reputation for taking on some of the most complex and challenging cancer research studies. 

  • Led by medical, operational, and regulatory experts experienced in hematology and oncology
  • Deep hematology and oncology experience having managed Phase I-IV trials in over 45 countries
  • Dedicated hematology/oncology-focused operational staff and comprehensive training program 
  • Preferred provider relationships with key sites which expedites start-up, enhances recruitment, and maximizes trial efficiency
  • Global Regulatory Affairs and Medical Writing for strategic leadership and execution
  • Integrated tumor imaging and central laboratory services, ensuring seamless logistics, review, and testing


Immuno-Oncology is moving at an accelerated pace with new approaches to harness the immune system to treat diseases. In this fast-paced field, awareness of the complex challenges and considerations – including operational considerations, biomarkers, safety testing, and imaging needs – is critical for the successful conduct of clinical trials for new agents. Accelerate your path to approval and set your trial up for success with guidance from the experienced, specialized team of Immuno-oncology experts at Medpace.

Cellular therapy rendering

Advanced Therapies

Medpace is a well-established innovator in the clinical development of advanced therapies, having contributed to over 130 clinical CGT trials across numerous therapeutic areas and global regions. We provide Sponsors comprehensive strategies that address the rapidly evolving clinical, operational, and regulatory challenges, as well as the unique set of hurdles presented in crossover therapies.

Checking magnetic resonance image (MRI)

Radiation Oncology & Radiopharmaceuticals

Medpace is an industry leader in radiopharmaceutical, radiation therapy, and radiation oncology clinical research.

Radiopharmaceutical drug development has advanced over the last decade, most notably in the field of imaging and oncology. Our in-house, integrated team of radiation oncologists and imaging experts understand the biological, clinical, regulatory, operational, and imaging considerations that must be factored in when designing and executing radiopharmaceutical trials and apply their specialized experience in radiation therapies to effectively navigate trial complexities and execute the program seamlessly.  

Integrated Global Labs

Integrating core clinical trial services delivers an efficient and streamlined execution. Medpace offers comprehensive and fully-integrated laboratory services including global central laboratories, bioanalytical laboratory, ECG Core Lab, and Imaging Core Labs.

Abstract Network Background

“We have core teams at Medpace in oncology, with medical personnel that are experienced, not just in knowing the science of the drugs, but also from an operational, regulatory, and data collection perspective. [Our medical personnel] are therefore able to work hand-in-hand with our directors, trial managers, and operations to pick the best sites, manage the studies, and answer medical questions.”

Lyon Gleich, MD, FACS
Lyon Gleich, MD, FACS
Senior Vice President, Medical Department, Oncology

Hematology and Oncology Clinical Trial Experts

Medpace is unique in its scientifically-driven approach to clinical research. The Medpace model gives Sponsors the advantage of early and ongoing guidance from therapeutic experts, throughout the trial design and execution. Our highly experienced medical experts provide strategic direction for study design and planning, train operational staff, work with Investigators, provide medical monitoring, and meet with regulatory agencies. They are embedded throughout your studies, providing a greater depth of expertise and the ability to tackle complex diseases.

Adding a Patient’s Perspective

Our medical directors are supported by a team of experienced Advanced Clinical Practitioners (ACPs) whose unique perspective brings added value to the clinical development team. These highly trained experts with hands-on experience add an additional layer of knowledge, streamline your studies, and can address potential challenges early in study planning.