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Medical Affairs

Medical affairs seamlessly integrated throughout the clinical trial and drug development process

Medical affairs seamlessly integrated throughout the clinical trial and drug development process

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Medical Affairs Seamlessly Integrated throughout Clinical Trial and Drug Development

Increasingly complex clinical research demands that you engage a team of medical experts to navigate the challenges. Our unique model embeds therapeutic leadership throughout the trial lifecycle, giving you the advantage of early and ongoing insight and guidance.

A Breadth of Specialized Therapeutic Expertise

Our medical team provides medical leadership across numerous therapeutic areas, including hematology and oncology, infectious diseases, radiation therapy, metabolic and endocrine, cardiovascular, neurology and psychiatry, nephrology, liver disease, ophthalmology, and autoimmune diseases, as well as crossover areas that include advanced therapies, pediatrics and rare disease/orphan indications.

Medical Affairs Services

Increase your clinical trial’s efficiency while keeping the patient in mind. The services our global team of medical experts provide throughout the clinical trial and drug development process include:

  • Integrated medical expertise 
  • Customized, strategic direction for emerging biotechs to large pharma companies
  • Medical monitoring services
  • Collaboration with our global regulatory affairs team and medical expertise for regulatory agency interactions 
  • Supervision and training for study teams, allowing for full comprehension of the protocol and study considerations
  • Interactive relationships with investigators
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“We only work where we are confident that we can truly add value. All of our executions start in the medical science. We bring with us a sense of responsibility and ownership, and we really want to be the right partner, the seamless extension of the Sponsor team, to help them get this new therapeutic modality to market.”

Heyrman, Reinilde
Reinilde Heyrman, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Medpace
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Integrated Efficiency Across Medical, Regulatory, and Operational

Our global team of medical experts are fully integrated with our operational and regulatory affairs teams, providing invaluable direction and insights throughout the trial process. This collaboration also includes the global central laboratories, bioanalytical laboratory, ECG core lab, imaging core laboratories, and the Phase I Unit.

Advanced Clinical Practitioners

Our team of experienced Advanced Clinical Practitioners (ACPs) support our medical and clinical operations teams, providing a  unique perspective and an additional layer of knowledge and insight to the clinical development team. These highly-trained experts with advanced degrees and hands-on clinical experience help streamline your studies and address potential challenges early in the study planning. Like our Medical Monitors, the ACPs are embedded in the study team to ensure your study is feasible and operationalized for efficient execution by looking at the protocol through the lens of the patient and site staff. ACPs also help with the review of safety events, ongoing team education, recruitment strategies, and study document review. Their understanding of what works in a clinical setting makes them a valuable part of our embedded medical expertise model.

Advanced Clinical Practitioner (ACP)

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