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Full-Service CRO

The Value of Full-Service Clinical Outsourcing

The Value of Full-Service Clinical Outsourcing

A Message From Our CEO & Founder

“To our current and future Sponsors –

Since 1992, Medpace has steadfastly held to a model of providing full-service clinical development to biopharmaceutical and medical device Sponsors. Even as the industry continues to explore various outsourcing/insourcing models – functional, clinical staffing and hybrids – Medpace chooses to drive success for Sponsors through full-service clinical trial outsourcing.

We know from our long-standing relationships with Sponsors that the full-service outsourcing model ultimately delivers higher quality results.

When we can fully engage with our medical, regulatory and operational teams and work under our SOPs, we can perform at the highest levels to deliver quality results in the most timely and efficient manner. Competence and empowerment to coordinate all services under one roof provides an accountable, seamless, integrated and efficient platform – increasing quality and speed while significantly reducing a Sponsor’s need for duplicate management oversight.

I share my philosophy on full-service outsourcing with you because it has stood the test of time. I truly believe it is the best path for our Sponsors.”

– August Troendle, MD, Medpace Founder and CEO since 1992

An Integrated Approach to Global Clinical Research

Integrating core clinical trial services delivers efficient and streamlined execution and higher quality results.
Through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Medpace offers clinical pharmacology, as well as supporting laboratory
services including central labs, bioanalytical lab, ECG core lab, and imaging core labs.

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We can’t simplify clinical development – but we can execute it seamlessly.