Study Start-Up

Study Start-Up

Coordinated, Collaborative, and Customized to Accelerate Study Initiation

Clinical Research Study Start UpMedpace Start-up teams deliver a well-coordinated, collaborative, and customized approach that accelerates site initiation and is critical to every phase of global trials. Working closely with the industry’s top therapeutic and regulatory experts, our proficient, experienced, and dedicated team members engage quickly and provide strategic thinking – ensuring quicker start-up times than industry averages. Our strategic regional presence throughout the Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe, and South Africa ensures you are benefiting from global expertise in every aspect – from working with regulatory authorities and ethics committees, to drafting informed consents, coordinating translations, and negotiating contracts with sites; our approach to start-up is quite simple and collaborative, making Medpace the right partner for you.


Proactive iconProactive: Our start-up teams understand country-specific and regional regulations, enabling us to develop proactive solutions to regulatory issues and challenges within achievable timelines. Our team of fully dedicated specialists coordinate and oversee study submissions to Regulatory Authorities and Ethics Committees, facilitate essential document collection, and review and finalize contract and payment documentation at project start-up and throughout the study. We rigorously maintain timelines for study start-up, ensuring your trial is initiated on time and on budget.

Tools iconCustomized
: We create a customized approach designed specifically to meet your start-up process goals. Our start-up teams craft individual strategic plans for country-specific submissions, informed consent form (ICF) negotiations, contract and budget negotiations, and translation procedures to accelerate site initiations.

Experienced team iconExperienced
: Our start-up teams have initiated clinical trials in over 60 countries and bring a diverse combination of clinical operations and industry experience to your clinical trial.

Medpace offers a breadth of global capabilities coupled with a depth of experience to execute your customized start-up strategy. In addition, the team of start-up specialists assigned are dedicated to the trial before, during, and after site initiations, ensuring any amendments to your protocol are managed seamlessly with little to no disruption in study participation.


Customized Start-up Strategy and Execution

customized start-up strategy and execution