NASH & Liver Disease Clinical Development

NASH & Liver Disease Clinical Development

Central Laboratory Capabilities

With laboratories in the US, Europe, China and Singapore, Medpace Labs has the global reach and capabilities to conduct NAFLD/NASH studies in concert with our full-service CRO or as a standalone service.

Biomarker Strategic Services

Medpace Labs’ test menu includes many validated biomarkers associated with NAFLD/NASH:

A2 Macroglobulin C Peptide Free Glycerol NAS Calculation
Adiponectin Total Chylomicrons Fructosamine NMR
Aldolase CK18 M30 G6PD P1NP
ANGPTL4 Cortisol Salivary Glucose Phosphatidylethanol
Anti TPO CRP, hs GLP-1 Active Pro BNP
Apo A1 CTX Beta Crosslaps GLP-1 Total Pro C3
Apo B Cystatin C Hyaluronic Acid Proinsulin
Apo B 48 D Dimer Haptoglobin Pyruvic Acid
Apo B 100 ELF Panel IL1 beta Resistin
Apo CII Ferritin IL6 sLDL
Apo CIII FIB4 Calculation Insulin TGF Beta 1
APR Calculation Fibrinogen Lactate TIMP-1
Autotaxin Fibronectin Leptin TNF alpha
Beta Hydroxybutyrate Fibrotest Lp(a) Troponin I
Bile Acids Fraction FGF-19 Lipid Panel Vitamin D 25 OH
Bile Acids Total FGF-21 MCP-1 YKL-40
C4 (7-alpha) Free Fatty Acids NAFLD Calculation

Our test menu also includes validated assays used in NASH fibrosis scores such as Fibrotest/FibroMax and ELF (Enhanced Liver Fibrosis).

Specialized Imaging for NAFLD/NASH Clinical Research

High-quality image acquisition and interpretation is crucial for the success of NAFLD/NASH trials. Medpace Core Labs provides comprehensive central imaging services including site assessment, qualification and training, advanced data processing and blinded assessments. In particular, Medpace Core Labs has expertise with the implementation of various MR-Based acquisition techniques including Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS), Proton Density Fat Fraction (MRI-PDFF; magnitude and complex) and Magnetic Resonance Elastography (MRE) to support imaging endpoints for NAFLD/NASH trials using fully regulatory-compliant platforms.