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Medpace Resources

Find out how our clinical research expertise in drug and medical device can help with your next study or program.


PDF: Medpace Fact Sheet

Access expert presentations and webinars

Webinar: What Happens After Your Device Is Approved? Collecting Data in the Real World
Deborah Schmalz, Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs, Kristi Schaefers, Associate Director, Medical Devices, and Lee Walke, Vice President, eClinical

Webinar: Latin America: Challenges & Opportunities in Clinical Research
James Pusey, M.D. Senior Vice President, Clinical Operations, Wanda Dobrzanski, M.D., Head of Clinical Operations Latin America, and Anibal Calmaggi, M.D., Senior Medical Director, Infectious Diseases & Vaccines

Webinar: Special Considerations for Managing Immuno-oncology Studies - A New Paradigm
Lyon Gleich, M.D., Vice President, Oncology and Jennifer L. Cutter, PhD, Global Clinical Trial Manager, Oncology

Webinar: Precision Medicine: Opportunities and Challenges for Clinical Trials
Franklin O. Smith, III, M.D., FAAP, FACP, Vice President, Medical Affairs, Hematology and Oncology

Webinar: Pharmacoeconomic Assessment through Market Approval and Beyond: Theory and Operations
Lee Walke, Vice President e-Clinical and Matthew J. Page, PhD, M.P.P., Epidemiologist

Article: Demonstrating Effectiveness with Real World Evidence
Matthew J. Page, PhD, M.P.P., Epidemiologist

Article (ACRP Clinical Researcher, June 2015): Effective Risk-Based Monitoring: THE CRO PERSPECTIVE
Alexander Artyomenko,MD, PhD, MICR, PMP,Global Director of Late Phase Clinical Operations Medpace UK

Innovation in Clinical Trials through a Central Lab Perspective
Malcolm McIntyre, Medpace Director

Presentation: Planning and Executing a Clinical Study for an Orphan Indication
Michelle Petersen — Medpace Clinical Trial Manager

Webinar: Understanding Real World Evidence - A Registry Study Perspective
Dr. Alexander Artyomenko — Director, Late Phase Clinical Operations
Derenda Nichols — Director of Clinical Trial Management

Conference presentation: Registry Planning and Implementation: An Operational Perspective
Derenda Nichols, Director of Clinical Trial Management

Rare Disease Workshop:
Part 1: Introduction to Rare Disease: Definition, Examples and Clinical Trial Design
Part 2:Real World Evidence in Rare Disease
Part 3:Executing Rare Disease Studies

Medical Device Workshop: Trends in European Clinical Trials
Deborah Schmalz, Global head Regulatory Affairs and Robin Lucchese, Sr. Project Manager

The Patient is Waiting, Innovation in Central Labs
Paul Travis
Executive Director, Global Central Labs

Sponsors, CROs,and RBM, Getting Aligned for Success
Drs. David Orloff and Alex Artyomenko

Cell Therapies: from Concept to Reality
Samer Kaba, MD
Vice-President, Medical Affairs

QT Evaluation in Early Clinical Development
Thomas Todaro, MD, JD, FACC
Medpace Vice President, Medical Affairs

CRO's - Focus on Laboratories
Rob Danziger
Medpace Reference Laboratories (MRL)

A Partnering Success Story: The model, best practices, benefits, and the story
Debbie Elliott
Director of Clinical Operations

Measuring Disease Progression in Neurology Trials
Samer Kaba, MD
Medical Director

Importance of Vendor Setup and Synchronization at the Start of the Trial
Jennifer Haggard
Director, Clinical Operations

Drug Development in Alzheimer’s Disease - Challenges and Opportunities
Samer Kaba, MD
Medical Director
Drug Development in Alzheimer’s Disease - transcription

Maximizing the Effectiveness of the Partnership with your CRO
Alita Hassan, MPH, BS
Director, Proposal Writing
Maximizing the Effectiveness of the Partnership with your CRO - transcription

Conducting Strategic Clinical Trials in China
Jim Wei, MD, PhD
Executive Director, Medpace Clinical Pharmacology
Conducting Strategic Clinical Trials in China - transcription

Safety and Regulatory Aspects of Obesity Drugs
Dr. David G. Orloff talks to Applied Clinical Trials about the current and potential future regulatory issues for obesity and diabetes drugs, how FDA and industry is moving toward levels of safety for these drug classes.

New FDA Guidelines for Diabetes: Cardiovascular Risk Assessment
David G. Orloff, MD
Executive Director, Medpace Regulatory Affairs

Medpace Bioanalytical in Drug Development
Dr. Yong-Xi Li
Executive Director, Medpace Bioanalytical Laboratories
Medpace Bioanalytical in Drug Development - transcription

Proof-of-Concept Studies and the End of Phase IIa Meeting with the FDA
Jim Wei, MD, PhD
Executive Director, Medpace Clinical Pharmacology
Proof-of-Concept Studies and the End of Phase IIa Meeting with the FDA - transcription

Corporate Videos

Medpace Bioanalytical Laboratories

Medpace Clinical Pharmacology

Medpace Reference Laboratories

Case Studies

Getting Ahead From Being Behind: Collaboration on a Rescue for a Complicated Oncology Program

Bringing Complex, Concurrent Trials to a Successful Completion Requires Tremendous Balance

Accelerating patient recruitment demands advance strategic planning – seamless integration of trial start-up and patient recruitment functions – which contributes to early patient recruitment

Navigating a Sponsor’s NDA through a maze of regulatory requirements requires strategic partners who can provide regulatory collaboration to complete the journey in record time

Recruiting Specialized Patients for Phase I Projects

Project Rescue: The Sponsor initially chose a larger CRO for their drug development needs. But something was missing.

Pivotal Phase III global study that randomized 250 patients over 51 global sites to study a lipid altering therapy was completed in record time.

White Papers and Articles

Adaptive Study Design in Oncologic Trials

Updates in Personalised Medicine-Oncology

Read how innovations in central and PK/PD biomarker labs can play a pivotal role in improving and maximizing R&D expenditure

Heart Hope: Dr. Thomas Todaro talks to Future Pharmaceuticals about the global perspectives in acute coronary syndrome (ACS) trial conduct and recruitment. Download article

Emerging Markets: Climate Change in Latin America Makes for Successful Clinical Trials

Emerging Markets: Navigating the Path to Conduct Successful Clinical Trials in China

Closer Look Interview with Dr. David Orloff - FDA Guidelines on Cardiovascular Risk Assessment