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Clinical Development

Medpace’s Focus on Hematology and Oncology Aligns with Innovative Biotechs

  • February 13, 2019
Medpace’s Focus on Hematology and Oncology Aligns with Innovative Biotechs

Europe is a vital contributor to a new wave of technology that is changing the face of treatments and clinical development

Oncology is in the midst of a revolution which will change the future of how cancer is diagnosed, treated and monitored. Development in immuno-oncology has already changed the approach to the medical management of cancer – and this is only the start of a new era of technology currently being evaluated by biotechnology companies. Not only are there new, complex scientific developments in treatment such as cell-based therapies, gene therapy and epigenetic modulators, but a large percentage of oncology trials are now using companion diagnostics and biomarkers for patient identification and stratification to create personalized treatment. Further, radiopharmaceuticals with companion imaging is having an impact in terms of treatment options and clinical trials, which is becoming a rapidly expanding field of research and development.

“The market for innovative therapies such as CAR-T, immuno-oncology, and gene and cell-based therapies continues to grow across the globe,” commented Glynis Neagle, MD, Vice President Hematology & Oncology, Medical Department, at Medpace. “European biotechnology companies are contributing to these different types of developments both in terms of scientific discovery and undertaking clinical trials in patient populations. Medpace’s full-service, scientific-model aligns well with these innovative companies. Oncology is a clear and well-established focus for our company with many of our sponsors in the small to mid-size range. With our focus and experience, Medpace is well-placed to partner with European biotechnology sponsors who are looking for a CRO that will work with them as part of their team. Together we can help face the challenges that these new technologies present within clinical development and find innovative solutions to deliver high quality clinical trials.”

Leadership Expansion in Hematology and Oncology

In efforts to expand in-house expertise in hematology and oncology, Medpace recently announced the addition of three physicians to the already robust medical team to support the needs around the globe. Dr. Daniel O’Leary, Sr. Vice-President, Medical Department for Medpace explained the continued growth, “Our mission is to accelerate the approval of safe and effective medical therapeutics and our reputation for taking on some of the industry’s most complex and innovative clinical trials demands that we continue to expand our depth of medical expertise. With the addition of these three highly-qualified physicians, Medpace can offer Sponsors even deeper expertise across a broad spectrum of diseases and technologies.”

Physicians Joining Medpace’s Hematology and Oncology Medical Department:

Cesar Casimiro, MD
Medical Director, Hematology & Oncology
Location: Spain
Dr. Casimiro is a clinical oncologist bringing more than 20 years of professional medical experience in clinical trials to the Medpace team. He has extensive experience in managing the design, supervision, and development of global clinical trials across all phases for numerous drug indications. Dr. Casimiro provided medical oversight of clinical trials to ensure compliance with company Standard Operating Procedures, sponsor directives, and regulatory requirements. He also has a strong clinical background in cancer etiology, epidemiology and prevention, tumor biology, natural history, diagnosis and extension study, chemotherapy and hormone therapy use, supportive treatment and management of the terminal patient, and oncology emergencies treatment.

Jess N. Guarnaschelli, MD
Medical Director, Hematology & Oncology
Location: Cincinnati, OH, USA
Dr. Guarnaschelli is board-certified in radiation oncology and brings more than 15 years of experience in clinical research, academia, and clinical oncology practice. She is well versed in the design and conduct of clinical trials having worked with many devices and drug indications. Dr. Guarnaschelli has had extensive involvement in clinical trials of women’s oncologic diseases including breast, endometrial, cervical, and ovarian carcinoma. Her broader clinical oncology research and clinical background includes chemotherapeutics, immuno-oncology, and solid tumors.

Agnes Slater, MBBS, PhD
Sr. Medical Director, Hematology & Oncology
Location: Singapore
Dr. Slater is a clinical research physician specialized in oncology and brings over 20 years of drug development experience in healthcare, academia and pharmaceutical industry. She provided medical monitoring and pharmacovigilance services for Phase I – IV global and Asia-Pacific regional studies. Dr. Slater has a substantial background in surgical oncology; biosimilars and innovative adaptive trial designs. She also contributed to product approval in oncology, metabolic disease and seizure disorders.

In-House Medical Expertise

Medpace is unique in its scientifically-driven approach to clinical research by providing Sponsors the advantage of early and ongoing guidance from medical experts. Our medical doctors provide strategic direction for study design and planning, train operational staff, work with Investigators, provide medical monitoring, and meet with regulatory agencies. They are embedded throughout the study, providing greater depth and the ability to tackle complex and challenging diseases. Learn more about Medpace’s full team of Hematology and Oncology experts.

Partner with an Experienced CRO for Hematology, Oncology and Advanced Therapies

Medpace has deep experience in the hematology and oncology space, having conducted research in a full-range of solid tumor and hematologic indications as well as therapies from classic multi-cytotoxic agents to cutting-edge and targeted therapies.

No matter the trial size, Medpace has the knowledge and expertise to give Sponsors a competitive advantage including:

  • Oncology medical experts who provide strategic, educational and practical leadership
  • Global experience in all Phases of drug development
  • Long-term relationships with experienced sites and preferred CRO status with key Phase I oncology centers
  • Global Regulatory Affairs and Medical Writing for strategic leadership and execution
  • Dedicated medical device division
  • Integrated tumor imaging and central laboratory services, ensuring seamless logistics, review and testing

Contact us to learn more about Medpace’s experience in hematology and oncology clinical research.