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The First Controlled Clinical Trial For A CRISPR Enhanced Bacteriophage Therapy

  • August 24, 2020
In a recent article published in Clinical Leader, Ed Miseta, Chief Editor highlights the work of Locus Biosciences and their development of crPhage™, a bacteriophage that have been engineered to deliver the CRISPR-Cas3 constructs into the target bacteria. Read the complete article here.

Medpace is Locus Bioscience’s CRO and Lab partner for the program.  In the article, Joseph Nixon, SVP of business development at Locus Biosciences commented on the partnership, “Our goal was to partner with a mid-sized CRO. We wanted a partner that had sufficient resources to execute the trial but was not so large that we would get lost in the shuffle. Medpace also had a lot of experience in infectious disease trials, which really fit the bill for us. They had experience working with urinary tract infection trials and knew many of the sites where we would be recruiting patients.”

Infectious Disease clinical development is one of Medpace’s core areas of focus, with extensive experience in UTIs. Medpace has also been involved in many of the industry’s phage studies that have been conducted in the past few years. “The work that Locus Biosciences is doing is an exciting advancement,” commented Brian Murphy, MD, MPH, Vice President, Medical Department, Infectious Diseases and Vaccines. “This recombinant bacteriophage therapy trial represents a significant milestone in addressing antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections and a growing number of other infectious diseases. The program represents the type of innovation where Medpace really excels and is able to bring together resources across multiple functional areas for the program’s success.”

Our in-house team of infectious disease experts, combined with our central laboratory capabilities and tight partnership with IHMA, a microbiology lab with phage experience, make Medpace a strong choice for Sponsors looking to advance therapies in this promising area.