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Clinical Development

[Webinar] Chronic Kidney Disease: Breaking Barriers with Cardiovascular and Renal Integration in Clinical Trials

  • May 22, 2023

21st century medicine and technology has seen exciting advancements at a pace and scale so remarkable that it exceeds the medical trajectory as compared to all of human history combined. This evolution, marked by preventative measures in healthcare, has improved the longevity and quality of life for patients, which also equates to a rising incidence and prevalence of chronic disease, especially chronic kidney disease (CKD). Indeed, chronic kidney disease is now the 10th leading cause of mortality compared to the early 1990’s when it was over the 35th leading cause, with projections over time placing it much higher on the ranking in the future. Historically, however, those with chronic kidney disease have represented a population traditionally excluded from clinical trials, especially those in cardiovascular disease despite the improved understanding of its implications related to comorbid diseases.

Despite the inherent complexities of chronic kidney disease, with its intricate bidirectional cardiovascular effect, along with being one of the strongest risk factors for cardiovascular death, there has never been a more important time to include those with chronic kidney disease in clinical trials, especially those related to cardiovascular disease. An understanding of integrated approaches toward expanding this population in clinical trials will ultimately benefit not only both patients and Sponsors alike, but also will have a positive global impact on disease burden while also continuing to evolve the thinking on chronically ill populations.

In a recent webinar, featured speakers from Medpace shared integrated approaches to include patients with chronic kidney disease in cardiovascular clinical trials, benefiting both patients and improving disease burden worldwide.

The Medpace medicaloperations, and regulatory staff understand the complexities of nephrology and cardiovascular trials from the perspective of the Sponsor, the clinical investigator, the scientific leader, and the reviewer at the regulatory agencies. This deep understanding allows us to bring these perspectives to each clinical trial that we conduct to help keep trials running efficiently and according to protocol.

In addition to therapeutically specialized, full-service CRO offerings, Medpace provides comprehensive and fully integrated global central lab services, a bioanalytical lab, an imaging core lab, an ECG core lab, and a Phase I unit. The built-in collaboration and efficiencies of working with a single vendor facilitates a streamlined strategy for executing trials of all sizes and scope.

Learn more about Medpace’s nephrology and cardiovascular capabilities.