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Clinical Development

[Webinar] The MedTech Horizon: Exploring the Frontier of Cardiovascular Device Development in Heart Failure

  • January 30, 2024

Experts Discuss the New Frontier of Cardiovascular Devices

In recent years, significant strides have been made in cardiovascular pharmacotherapy. Moving beyond the pillars of pharmacological heart failure treatment, a new frontier emerges. In this webinar, leading cardiovascular experts delve into the realm of cardiovascular devices, assessing their potential to redefine the trajectory of heart failure, ultimately aiming to keep individuals out of the hospital and on a stable plateau for extended periods.

Join the featured speakers Dean Kereiakes, MD, FACC, MSCAI, Dr Aung Myat MD FACC FESC, and Adam Lubert MD  as they showcase groundbreaking devices with transformative potential:

  • Neuromodulation in Heart Disease: Highlighting innovative applications, from baroreceptor activation therapy to cardiac pulmonary nerve stimulation
  • Interventions for Heart Failure: Showcasing devices for reverse remodeling, including electrical and physical remodeling devices, shunt devices and decongestion devices
  • Structural and Valvular Heart Disease: Focusing on the prevalence of valvular heart disease and exploring catheter-based interventions for aortic, mitral and tricuspid valves — emphasizing the therapeutic potential in mitigating aortic and mitral regurgitation as well as addressing severe tricuspid regurgitation

This exploration of leading-edge cardiovascular devices aims to provide a holistic understanding of their potential impact on heart failure management, introducing a new era of personalized and effective cardiovascular care. Join this webinar as the featured speakers navigate the frontier of innovation in cardiovascular device development, striving to enhance patient outcomes and quality of life.

Accelerating Cardiovascular Clinical Development

Our team of cardiovascular specialists are highly skilled in the scientific methodology, standard of care, evolving regulatory requirements, and operational considerations that are necessary to bring drugs and devices that treat or prevent heart disease to market.