Neuromuscular Diseases

Neuromuscular Diseases

Core Imaging Expertise for Neuromuscular Disease Studies

High-quality image acquisition and interpretation is crucial for the success of trials relying on imaging, including neuroimaging for patient selection or as a primary endpoint. Medpace provides centralized neuroimaging expertise, led by radiologists, neurologists and neuroscientists with decades of clinical and trial experience.

Medpace Imaging Core Lab provides a suite of imaging services to enhance and expedite biopharmaceutical and imaging contrast agent development, including a broad spectrum of imaging biomarkers for rare neuromuscular disease trials. Capabilities include advanced quantitative magnetic resonance imaging measures for:

  • Muscle Fat Fraction (MRI-PDFF, MRS)
  • Elastography
  • Muscle cross-sectional area or volume
  • Anatomic and functional brain mapping

Central Laboratory Capabilities

With laboratories in the US, Europe, China, and Singapore, Medpace Labs has the global reach and capabilities to conduct neuromuscular disease studies in concert with our full-service CRO or as a standalone service. Key highlights include:

  • Extensive menu of biomarkers that use state of the art techniques, and provide results that enable patient stratification and improve prediction of drug efficacy and safety
  • Scientific engagement throughout the development lifecycle from our global team of experts who have extensive central laboratory operations experience
  • Over 19,000 square feet of biorepository services located at our four global central laboratory locations
  • In-house logistical team that manages all shipments of collection kit supplies and laboratory manuals to clinical sites
  • Seamless integration with a robust network of laboratory partners, some which specialize in CNS testing such as CSF biomarkers and genotyping
  • Tailored critical value flagging based on specific disorders
  • Lab kits designed to ensure minimal blood volume and ease of use at the site level