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Processes and technology to support the collection and analysis of patient reported data

Processes and technology to support the collection and analysis of patient reported data

Patient Reported Outcome/eDiary Technology for Observational and Clinical Research

Patients are more likely to be engaged in clinical trials and other research studies when the process is transparent and they can understand their role in the research that may lead to advancements in the treatment or diagnosis of their conditions. The ability to easily submit their data is critical. Medpace has developed processes and technology to support the collection and analysis of these patient reported data through its TrialPACE®  ePRO/eCOA/eDiary system.

Advantages of ClinTrak ePRO/eDiary

Medpace’s TrialPACE system allows for the safe and secure collection of PRO and eCOA data directly from patients through multiple platforms. This easy-to-use, yet sophisticated tool can increase active subject participation in the research.

  • Flexible, highly-customizable patient interface
  • Any internet-connected device (smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers) can be used interchangeably by the patient throughout the course of a study, providing further convenience and flexibility
  • Downloadable app for both iOS and Android devices
  • Sophisticated scheduling and reminder system shows only the forms that a patient may enter, using email, text messaging, and push notifications
  • Patient-entered data are immediately available in the ClinTrak EDC database. Patient profiles and reports may include this information, and are available to the Sponsor and other permitted users, including Investigators and medical monitors, on demand
  • Form designs may include any image (mapped to respond to taps or clicks), drop-down boxes, radio buttons, sliders, and a variety of other widgets
  • All languages and alphabets are supported via a centrally-controlled translation interface
  • Investigators can craft customized lists for patients, and patients may select from these lists, to easily track medication usage
  • The patient menu can include links to product and disease websites

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