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ExcelliPACE®: Patient Recruitment and Retention

Executing for faster enrollment and fewer dropouts

Executing for faster enrollment and fewer dropouts

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Accelerating Patient Recruitment and Retention

Study enrollment efforts are centralized and streamlined through our in-house patient recruitment and retention teams. Guided by the optimized IntelliPACE assessment, we pivot to the ExcelliPACE execution process.  This includes customized site and patient engagement strategies and tactics that are focused on building interest and enthusiasm for the study, enrolling the necessary patient population, and then supporting staff members, patients, and caregivers to drive retention. From study branding to ensuring patient needs are planned for and met, our team is focused on meeting timelines and recruitment milestones. 

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Patient Engagement – Retention Strategies

Patient engagement strategies are critical to the success of any clinical trial. Medpace works with the sites to provide tools and resources for patients and their caregivers that ease the burden of and remove obstacles to trial participation. We ensure that patients and caregivers are supported throughout their clinical trial experience by focusing on awareness and education; comfort and convenience; and providing technology to support participation. 

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Site Engagement – Reaching the
Right Patients

At study start-up, the patient recruitment and retention team engages with each site to learn about the patient landscape, previous enrollment experience, and plans for recruitment. We work side-by-side to identify potential patients through database and chart reviews. Tailored recruitment tools, technology, and support from our team keep sites engaged and enthusiastic. 

Connecting with the Patient Population

Customized Study Branding

Branded study-specific materials resonate with target patients and caregivers. Developing a creative brand for clinical trials fosters a connection among study participants, sites, and referral sources. From the subject’s perspective, a brand gives a study credibility, cohesiveness, and enhanced memorability. It also highlights the unique trial opportunity and helps subjects make informed decisions about their health care. 

Patient Concierge Services

Our Patient Concierge Services offer global travel support for patients and caregivers. Our mission is to ensure a seamless, patient-centric travel experience to facilitate compliance with study visits. We assign a knowledgeable and dedicated Patient Specialist to the study to reduce patient, caregiver, and site burden by managing the logistics and administrative details of getting patients and caregivers to their visits, as well as providing reimbursements for out-of-pocket expenses related to their study participation. This service enhances patient engagement, study compliance and retention, and site relationships. 

Apps to Support Sites and Patients

Easily accessible by phone or tablet, Medpace has developed two powerful apps to support patient recruitment and retention. OnPACE® is site-specific and puts important study data at the fingertips of study staff for efficiency and convenience. TrialPACE® is designed for the patient and makes it simple to stay engaged in the trial by completing diary data and patient-reported outcomes, as well as receiving texts and other reminders about important study-related information. 

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What’s Next?

Data-Driven Site Identification and Selection