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IntelliPACE®: Strategic Feasibility Approach

Setting the strategy for realistic & reliable recruitment

Setting the strategy for realistic & reliable recruitment

Identifying high-performing sites aligned with target populations

IntelliPACE® facilitates data-driven, experience-refined feasibility assessments and enrollment planning for the development of successful patient recruitment strategies. These objective data illustrate the availability of patient populations in a wide variety of indications, as well as the performance metrics of countries and sites across the globe. The ability to compile and analyze these data allows our team to identify sites best suited for each study. With an in-depth understanding of each site’s resources and capabilities, we select sites that can support patient diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, decentralized clinical trial (DCTs), and advanced assessments. 

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Data-Driven Site Identification  

The IntelliPACE approach starts with compiling relevant data from a multitude of sources. The data collected provides objective information on the availability of patient populations in a wide variety of indications, as well as the performance of countries and sites across the globe. Internal and external data sources include: 

  • Global Health Research Platforms: Access to public data and private global health research platforms provides information for over 1.3 million investigators, across 1.1 million studies, involving more than 592 million patients, to supplement our internal metrics. 
  • Clinical Study History: Our proprietary study management system, ClinTrak® provides years of Investigator start-up, enrollment, and performance metrics to enable the identification of high-quality sites. 
  • Central Laboratories: A global repository of laboratory data drives sound recommendations relative to key inclusion/exclusion criteria to target investigators with the appropriate patient population. 
  • Imaging Core Labs: Data from relevant studies assists with the identification of investigators in key therapeutic areas with access to specialized equipment and imaging experience. 

Experience-Refined Site Selection

Expert team members are key to reviewing potential site lists. Our feasibility and informatics experts partner with medical, operations, and regulatory teams to provide input into the enrollment projections and to identify strategies to include untapped resources.

Understanding the existing trial landscape for patients and sites shapes practical risk mitigation to ensure trial conduct is taking place at sites that have time to conduct the study with interested and available patients. Medpace also has insight into the standard of care and country-specific regulatory and cultural limitations, which are critical to inform a sound site selection strategy. 

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Top Performing Sites Program & Site Networks

Site selection is further enhanced by established relationships with individual sites and site networks. Key sites globally have earned the designation of a ‘Flagship Site’ and have a history of partnering with Medpace for timely, high-quality outcomes. 

In addition, Medpace has preferred relationships with key site networks in the US and Europe. We meet with each network on a regular basis to discuss potential opportunities, provide feedback on current collaborations, and assess current study load. The site networks are committed to meeting Medpace’s high standards for study start-up, patient-centric conduct, data capture, and quality. 

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What’s Next?

Our Specialized Patient Recruitment & Retention Team Steps in to Execute the Plan Seamlessly