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Clinical Development

How to Avoid the Hidden Costs of Clinical Trials

  • November 16, 2017
Time is Money

The cost of conducting a clinical trial is indisputably expensive and time consuming. In an effort to try and reduce the time to market, companies may be tempted to rush through clinical trial design without seeking collaborative input from medical, regulatory and clinical operations experts. Such decisions can lead to “hidden costs” that can cause significant delays in your trial initiation and execution.

In Medpace’s recent webinar, we present some practices that we employ in the management of medical devices that could help you execute your programs more effectively and efficiently, saving you time and money. Some of these practices include looking at your trial in the context of a program, employing data management and medical writing early on in the process and optimizing site selection.

We hope this presentation provides some key areas that will help you improve your programs, save some money, avoid hidden pitfalls, and deliver your results on time.

About the Webinar

In this webinar, we explore four areas that can dramatically affect the cost and timelines of your clinical program and offer insight into elimination and control of these hidden landmines. A cardiovascular device case study will highlight these key points:

  • Trial Design – The importance of maintaining sight of programmatic goals to avoid a “bloated” program
  • Medical Writing – Seeking early strategic input on how data will be presented in the clinical study report
  • Data management/biometrics– Bringing these “back-end” services forward as active participants in program development
  • Site Selection – Maximizing use of historical site metrics to optimize selection and staging of site activation


Access the webinar recording here. Learn more information about Medpace’s clinical research experience here.