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Clinical Development

Medpace Broadens Women’s Health Leadership Team 

  • December 4, 2023

Meet Rujin Ju, MD, MSCR, FACOG, Women’s Health

Medpace is pleased to announce that Dr. Rujin Ju has joined Medpace’s Women’s Health Medical Leadership team.  

Rujin Ju, MD, Medpace Women's Health

Dr. Rujin Ju completed a four-year residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology, a two-year NIH fellowship in Epidemiology and Clinical Trials, and a three-year fellowship in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery. She brings over 12 years of clinical and research experience in Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Urogynecology. She has published in numerous peer-reviewed journals and served on numerous national and international committees, including SGS, IUGA and AUGS. 

In this interview, we learn more about Dr. Ju’s background, her urogynecologic expertise, and her vision for the future of women’s healthcare, including contraception, sexual and reproductive health, and advancements in Femtech.   

Tell us about your background. How does your prior experience contribute to your work at Medpace?

With a foundation of education and training in OBGYN and urogynecology, I hold a master’s degree in clinical research, and have trained as a Women’s Health clinical investigator, with an emphasis on clinical trials. My extensive academic and private practice tenure equips me to manage diverse conditions and comprehend unmet needs. Addressing the unique nature of gynecologic conditions, advocating for patient diversity in trials, and integrating evolving technology are key components in the pursuit of innovating Women’s Health clinical development. At Medpace, my goal is to synergize my clinical and research background to effectively collaborate with Sponsors, contributing to the design and execution of clinical trials for the advancement of Women’s Health.

What drew you to Medpace?

Having practiced medicine in both urban and suburban regions, I observed universal unmet needs in the rapidly evolving landscape of Women’s Health. Recognizing a misalignment between the evolving needs and available solutions, I seized the opportunity to apply my clinical and research background to contribute on a broader scale, developing and advancing therapies for women. At Medpace, we have a therapeutically aligned Women’s Health Leadership Panel, specifically focused on improving Women’s Health clinical research. We understand the challenges specific to Women’s Health clinical trial development, informed by our experience across a broad range of therapeutic areas. Ultimately, we strive to fill the unmet needs in women’s health, such as contraception, sexual and reproductive health, in order to improve healthcare outcomes for women across the globe. 

Illustrate the Women’s Health clinical development landscape, highlighting the specific challenges, considerations, and risks involved. 

Despite persistent knowledge gaps in Women’s Health, the momentum in clinical development in this field has steadily increased. However, challenges persist, including the inherently personal and sensitive nature of gynecologic conditions, the on-average disproportionally caregiving and household logistical burdens, the imperative for greater diversity among research subjects, in addition to competition for site resources, patient recruitment challenges, and insufficient cross-therapeutic expertise. These factors necessitate careful consideration in the pursuit of advancements in Women’s Health clinical development.  

Which urogynecologic therapeutic or technological innovations in Women’s Health are particularly exciting to you?

More innovations in women’s sexual health, menopausal treatments, and Femtech. Beyond traditional therapeutic modalities, I envision evidence-based and regulated innovations harnessing technological advancements more efficiently. The surge in Femtech products, diagnostics, and services targeting Women’s Health concerns is especially promising.  

How do you envision Women’s Health clinical development evolving over the next 10-15 years? 

I anticipate significant progress in addressing menopausal conditions, encompassing vulvovaginal atrophy, recurrent urinary tract infections, urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, pelvic organ prolapse, and interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome. Additionally, I envision progress in addressing female sexual disorders, chronic pelvic pain, menstrual regulation, and contraception.  

I expect increased collaboration across therapeutic areas, such as Women’s Cancers, Endocrine & Metabolic, and Infectious Diseases & Vaccines. Cross-therapeutic and cross-functional area collaboration allows for optimized trial communication and execution, and ultimately, expedited timelines.

Lastly, I expect the continued emergence of Femtech innovations. Interest in Femtech is rising, driven by the heightened public awareness and funding. Initial breakthroughs hold promise for improved diagnoses, addressing stigmatized areas, and delivering culturally sensitive healthcare solutions.  

Recognizing the evolving landscape for emerging biotechs working with cutting-edge fem-technologies, where regulatory processes may not be clearly defined a strategic CRO partnership becomes crucial. Our expertise in clinical research and design, coupled with an extensive network of sites and investments in the latest technologies, allows emerging biotechs to concentrate on the vital aspects of expansion and scale, freeing them from operational constraints.  

What personally motivates you in your role within Medpace’s Women’s Health leadership team at Medpace? 

At Medpace I am motivated by the chance to use my extensive medical and clinical research training and passion for advancing women’s health to contribute to the development of better therapeutics for a variety of women’s health conditions.  

Medpace Women’s Health CRO

At Medpace, our in-depth clinical experience combined with our comprehensive research experience translates into our ability to successfully design and execute your Urogynecologic clinical trials in the most efficient and effective way possible.