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Company Spotlight

Medpace Strengthens Medical Leadership Team in Neuroscience with the Addition of 2 New Physicians 

  • February 6, 2024

Medpace is pleased to announce the addition of two new medical experts to its neuroscience medical leadership team. Our unique, scientifically-driven approach to clinical research gives Sponsors the advantage of early and ongoing insight and guidance from trial design through execution of the study. With the addition of these highly-qualified physicians, Medpace can offer Sponsors even deeper expertise across a broad spectrum of diseases and technologies. 

About Xiuhua “Liang” Bozarth, MD, PhD, Medical Director

Dr. Bozarth is a board-certified neurologist with special qualifications in child neurology and epilepsy. She has over 13 years of clinical experience in academic medicine and clinical research. Prior to joining Medpace, Dr. Bozarth worked at Seattle Children’s Hospital and University of Washington as an associate professor and principal investigator (PI). She is a well-known clinician scientist with in-depth knowledge in early onset catastrophic intractable epilepsies and related comorbidities such as sleep related and psychiatric disorders. Dr. Bozarth has served as a PI for multiple clinical trials, observational studies, and investigator-initiated drug studies.  

We asked Dr. Bozarth the following questions: 

What drew you to Medpace?

Medpace is a strong scientifically driven CRO with a one team approach and has successfully managed global studies for decades. It is a great place for me to continue my passion to accelerate the global development of safe and effective medical therapeutics. I am very excited to be part of Medpace. 

What are challenges or risks that are specific to Neuroscience clinical development? 

There is lack of optimal treatment in patients with various neurological conditions, particularly for patients with rare neurological conditions which are often early onset and neurodegenerative in nature. The development of advanced therapies is promising but often early phase with uncertain probability of success. The long-term safety and efficacy are still unknown.

From a clinical development standpoint, what new innovations are you most excited about? 

Targeting the genetic basis of many CNS diseases, especially pediatric onset, progressive,  and often life-limiting conditions, may provide highly specific and possible curative therapeutic options. 

What motivates you and your interest in clinical research- specifically in Neuroscience? 

I have practiced medicine for a long time and understand that there are many unmet medical needs for patients. Through my work at Medpace, I can help facilitate the new therapeutics for patients that I deeply cared about.

About Boban Joksimovic, MD, PhD, Medical Director

Dr. Boban Joksimovic is a board-certified neurologist with a PhD in neuroscience and over 20 years of clinical experience in neurology. Prior to joining Medpace, Dr. Joksimovic worked at a CRO as a Medical Director, Clinical Operations Lead, and CRA with over 17 years of experience in Phase I-IV studies. He previously practiced as a neurophysiologist and introduced intraoperative neurophysiology to Serbia in 2008. Dr. Joksimovic has extensive experience as Sub-investigator and rater in CNS studies. 

We asked Dr. Joksimovic the following questions: 

What drew you to Medpace?

At large CROs I felt like a number, but at Medpace I feel like part of a team who share a common goal to accelerate the development of safe and effective medical therapeutics. The Medpace team has a passion for their work and strive to make an impact. The managers and my peers have been supportive and friendly from my very first day at Medpace. 

From a clinical development standpoint, what new innovations are you most excited about? 

There are many new innovations in the neuroscience space. The new innovations that I am most excited about are nucleic acid therapeutics and named patient use studies. Medpace is running a number of clinical trials with these drugs.

Accelerating Global Neuroscience Clinical Development

Neuroscience clinical research is a key therapeutic focus for Medpace, a full-service clinical research organization (CRO). Medpace has extensive experience in phase I-IV neuroscience clinical trials spanning adult and pediatric populations in a wide range of neuroscience indications. Leverage our broad experience in advancing new neuroscience treatments and specialized expertise in the design and management of complex neuroscience programs to keep your trial on time and on budget.