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Clinical Development

TrialPACE™ – Medpace’s Patient Reported Outcome/eDiary Technology – Now Available on iOS and Android Devices

  • January 14, 2020
Medpace is excited to announce that its ePRO (Patient Reported Outcome) application–TrialPACE™ — is now available on both iOS and Android devices. Free to download, TrialPACE™ is specifically designed to keep patients engaged in the clinical trials they are enrolled in. The app allows patients to receive push notifications directly to their devices – reminding them of upcoming visits and prompting them to complete their questionnaires. To make it even easier for patients, they can even complete their entries offline if they don’t have immediate access to an internet connection. Once the entry is submitted, it is pushed from the app to Medpace’s Electronic Data Capture System, ClinTrak EDC, providing permitted users on the study with on-demand, real-time data.

Advantages of TrialPACE™

This easy-to-use, yet sophisticated tool can increase active subject participation. Key features of the system include:

  • A flexible, highly-customizable patient interface
  • A sophisticated scheduling and reminder system which shows only the forms a patient may enter and tracks completed items
  • Form designs with images (mapped to respond to taps or clicks), dropdown boxes, radio buttons, sliders, and a variety of other widgets
  • All languages and alphabets are supported via a centrally-controlled linguistically validated translation interface
  • Investigator-created customized lists from which patients may select
  • Patient menus with links to product and disease websites

Customizing the Platform to Meet Your Study Demands

The uniqueness of each study requires a flexible, highly-customizable platform that can be tailored to meet the requirements of your study. All forms, questionnaires, and time schedules can be customized making it easier for patients to accurately input the data you need to collect. Below are a few options.

Sliding Scale
Image Maps - TrialPACE
Image Maps

Learn more about TrialPACE™ or request a demonstration.