Patient Recruitment and Retention

Patient Recruitment and Retention

The Patient Recruitment and Retention (PRR) team enhances site and patient participation in clinical trials by working closely with the clinical operations team to:

Centralize and streamline study recruitment and retention efforts

Provide expert solutions that keep studies enrolling and increase communication about enrollment challenges/solutions

Identifying Patients for Clinical TrialsRecognize and overcome recruitment challenges through recruitment and retention strategies, site and patient engagement, and site networks and Flagship Site partnerships

Site Engagement

We help sites prioritize the study and reach strategically into site databases through patient-centric strategies. Site-specific study plans manage and streamline each investigator’s approach for recruitment, and recruitment tactics are customized to the site’s level of research experience and available resources.

At study start-up, the PRR team engages with each site to learn about the patient landscape, previous enrollment experience, and plans for enrollment. This feedback and collaboration is integral to mitigating any potential recruitment barriers specific to the site and enables us to strategize for success. High performance tactics include:

Site Engagement Study Branded Materials

Creating study-branded site materials that raise awareness, educate, and train study staff and referral sources about the study

Leveraging Medpace's patient recruitment coordinators

Leveraging Medpace’s experienced patient recruitment coordinators and CRAs for site communication and education

Site Engagement Digital Tools

Providing study staff and referral sources with digital tools that facilitate reminders, education, training, and communication


Sample Branded Materials


Site Engagement Flyer
HCP Flyer

HCP Factsheet
Website Study Branding - Medpace

Patient Engagement

Medpace believes that effective and meaningful patient engagement strategies are critical to the success of clinical trials. Our patient centric approach ensures patients and caregivers are provided with support throughout their clinical trial experience by focusing on awareness and education. Recruitment tactics with a patient-centric approach include:

Creating study-branded patient materials that help educate patients and caregivers about the study indication and procedures

Connecting with online support communities, partnering with patient advocacy groups and developing digital outreach campaigns

Providing support for participants throughout the trial to harness a seamless study experience. Patients may benefit from travel programs, meal reimbursement or home-health visits.


Sample Branded Materials


Educational Brochure
Patient Engagement Flyer
Patient Recruitment Flyer

Data Coupled with Expertise

Medpace’s patient recruitment platform – IntelliPACE™ – provides a strategic blueprint for optimal patient recruitment.

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