Sites and Patients

Sites and Patients

Optimizing site selection and patient engagement

Patient recruitment and retention remain some of the most challenging hurdles in clinical development. A well-vetted feasibility and recruitment strategy coupled with a focused patient recruitment and retention team sets sponsors up for expedited enrollment and reduced patient dropouts. Medpace’s IntelliPACE®️ model synthesizes data from internal and external data sources to guide the selection of the best countries and sites for study participation. This data is further refined through Medpace expert analysis and input from sites and Key Opinion Leaders to align the target patient population with high-performing investigative sites. Once the optimal strategy is defined, our specialized patient recruitment and retention team steps in to execute the plan seamlessly and efficiently through our ExcelliPACE™ process.

IntelliPACE®️: Strategic Feasibility Approach

Data-Driven and Experience-Refined

IntelliPACE drives sound recruitment strategies that provide accurate feasibility and budget certainty. We leverage strong relationships with Key Opinion Leaders and Investigators around the world, our insights into the standard of care, and our knowledge of country-specific regulatory and cultural limitations.

  • Patient-level data overlays our real-world site-level experience and key performance metrics.
  • Feasibility is driven by external and internal data sources, including our proprietary study management system, which includes lab and imaging data.
  • Internal analysis further identifies areas of opportunity to find and enroll qualified patients.

ExcelliPACE™: Patient Recruitment & Retention

Hands-On and Customized

Our in-house patient recruitment and retention teams- armed with the output from the IntelliPACE process and working with Clinical Operations- are solely focused on executing customized recruitment and retention plans, leading to faster enrollment and fewer dropouts.

  • Site-specific plans are tailored to each Investigator’s approach to recruitment.
  • Customized tactics align with each site’s research experience and available resources.
  • Strategies include methods to meet patient diversity goals.
  • Plans are focused on raising awareness of indication and study; education for referring healthcare providers, patients, and families; convenience for all stakeholders; and comfort for participants.
  • Tools, resources, and extensive experience support on-site and decentralized clinical trials.

Align your Target Population with High Performing Sites

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Accelerate Enrollment and Increase Retention

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