A strategic blueprint and seamless execution for optimal patient recruitment and retention

Patient recruitment and retention remains one of the most challenging hurdles in clinical development. Complex study protocols, lack of awareness among physicians and patients, competing studies, and shrinking pools of potential patients due to increasingly targeted therapies all contribute to the difficulty.

IntelliPACE®️ is Medpace’s in-house program driving successful and expedited patient recruitment. Fully integrated and leveraging the clinical development services of Medpace as a global clinical research organization with nearly 30 years of experience, IntelliPACE provides a two-pronged approach to patient recruitment and retention. The first is a sound and well-vetted recruitment strategy driven by robust data and expert analysis. Once the optimal strategy is defined, our specialized recruitment teams step in to execute the plan seamlessly and efficiently.

Medpace's strategic blueprint for optimal patient recruitment and retention


Data-Driven and Experience-Refined

Sound recruitment strategies that align the target population with high-performing sites.

  • Driven by external and internal data sources, including our proprietary study management system, ClinTrak® which includes lab and imaging data
  • Overlays patient-level data with expertise and site relationships
  • Internal analysis further refines and identifies potential gaps and areas of opportunity to find and enroll qualified patients
  • Leverages strong relationships with Key Opinion Leaders and Investigators around the world, and our insights into the standard of care, and country-specific regulatory and cultural limitations
  • Generates more accurate feasibility and budget certainty


Hands-On and Customized

Specialized recruitment teams for faster enrollment and fewer dropouts.

  • In-house teams ensure well-coordinated and efficient execution
  • Site-specific study plans that streamline each Investigator’s approach for recruitment
  • Tactics that are customized to the site’s level of research experience and available resources
  • Patient and caregiver support throughout the clinical trial experience
  • Focused on awareness, education, convenience and comfort
  • Site and patient-centric approach drives higher quality and efficiency

Align your Target Population with High Performing Sites

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Accelerate Enrollment and Increase Retention

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