Medpace has partnered with Sponsors to set up and manage clinical trials in Africa for more than a decade. With a local team based in Johannesburg, Medpace South Africa has conducted multiple studies in a variety of different indications across the region. Our localized expertise in the regulatory requirements of the different countries, along with strong site relationships – allows us to proactively plan and execute trials of all sizes in South Africa and other central and southern African countries including the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius.

An Advantageous Landscape for Conducting Clinical Trials

South Africa remains a sound option for global clinical trials. Some advantages of this region include:

  • Large and diverse population
  • English speaking country
  • 1st World medical facilities – especially in the private sector
  • Experienced trial sites with a long history of participation in global studies
  • Broad spectrum of diseases – 1st world conditions as well as diseases of the developing world
  • Excellent clinical trial support infrastructure including telecommunications, transport network and paramedical facilities
  • Gateway to conducting studies in the central and southern African region as well as the Indian Ocean islands

A Map of Africa