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Clinical Development

The Biotech Industry and Medpace

  • August 26, 2019
Biotechnology is a key driver of innovation in the life sciences industry. With advances in immuno-oncology, gene and cell therapies, and microbiome therapeutics as examples, the global biotech industry is expected to hit revenues of over $300B in 2019.

Labiotech, a leading digital media company covering the European Biotech industry, recently featured Medpace in a white paper titled, “A Toolkit for Emerging Biotechs: Practical Advice for Navigating Challenges and Advancing Clinical Development.” Labiotech discusses the increasingly crowded biotech space and why companies need to develop and differentiate their portfolio to be successful. The white paper also details the various challenges biotechs face, especially in the early, high-risk stages of compound development and provides solutions to consider that will allow biotechs to lead innovation and dominate the industry.

Trusted by Biotech

The Medpace team worked with Labiotech to address the common challenges that keep biotechs up at night. For example, how to survive in a highly competitive industry, facing high-level uncertainty, funding, and putting a successful team together are common challenges. As an experienced, full-service CRO, Medpace has deep expertise in the biotech industry, going back to our inception in 1992. In fact, 95% of our Sponsors are small to medium-sized biopharma companies. With most of our work focused on small to mid-size sponsors, our team has invaluable insight and experience that truly is trusted by biotech.

Working with innovative biotechs is exciting work for the Medpace team as described by Reinilde Heyrman, MD Vice President of the Medical Department at Medpace. She says in the white paper:

“Biotech companies are working to develop treatments that haven’t been defined, with science that has yet to be tested, to treat diseases that we are only now beginning to understand. Working with these innovators and pioneers makes our work at Medpace incredibly exciting and fulfilling as we help to advance these novel medical therapies.”

Importantly, the Medpace culture and operating structures are purposely designed to facilitate efficient partnering. Also commenting on our partnerships, David Horton, Director of Regulatory Affairs at Medpace discusses the value of our multidisciplinary team, he says,

“Medpace can truly streamline development because of our full breadth of services and collaborative model; we offer a full partnership rather than an ‘extra set of hands’.”

It is important to the Medpace team that we only work with Sponsors that can benefit from our expertise. Dr. Heyrman elaborates further on this Medpace value stating,

“We only work where we are confident that we can truly add value. All our executions start in medical science. We bring with us a sense of responsibility and ownership, and we want to be the right partner, the seamless extension of the Sponsor’s team, to help them get this new therapeutic modality to market.”

Biotech Companies Are the Trailblazers of The Drug Development Industry

In 2018, approximately 70% of clinical pipelines belonged to emerging biotechs, who were also responsible for nearly 64% of new active substances approved by the FDA. These numbers show that biotechs lead innovation in the drug discovery and development space. Further, as this space continues to become more complex with advances in immuno-therapies, gene and cell therapies, and microbiome, experience in a specific indication is no longer as critical for running clinical trials. Medpace can apply its medical and regulatory foundation across therapeutic areas and diseases, rare diseases and orphan indications, as well as leading technologies and platforms, to optimize your study.

As a CRO dedicated to the support of emerging biotechs, Medpace takes pride in our clients’ work. As a partner, we share your passion for research and strive to help you achieve success.


A Toolkit for Emerging Biotechs: Practical Advice for Navigating Challenges and Advancing Clinical Development: Learn more about the challenges biotechs face from early-stage drug development to commercialization and about the solutions that can help to build a winning portfolio strategy.

Trusted by Biotech: Unlike most top-10 CROs, Medpace is Trusted by Biotech. We understand the unique challenges facing biotechs and our culture and our operating structure are purposely designed to accommodate efficient partnering, important for emerging biotechs with limited resources and sometimes limited experience. Read more about our model.