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Clinical Development

Webinar: Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Cell and Gene Therapy Trials

  • July 30, 2021
Cell and gene therapies hold tremendous potential to advance patient care but there are many challenges and complexities to consider for conducting clinical trials. As a leader in this area (we have managed or provided services for over 130 trials), key experts at Medpace participated in a recent webinar to share lessons-learned from being at the forefront of this exciting area of clinical development. Listen in as Medpace’s Regulatory Submissions Manager, Jan Ohotski, and Clinical Trial Manager, Elizabeth Shepherd, discuss how to operationalize advance therapy clinical trials using hard-won lessons learned from Medpace’s years of experience.

Our experts dive into:

  • Cell and gene therapy background
  • Regulatory and operational hurdles in developing advanced therapies
  • Strategies to accelerate development and reduce timeline delays associated with potential pitfalls
  • Real-world case studies and lessons learned while conducting cell and gene clinical trials

Watch the Webinar

We would welcome the opportunity to talk about your upcoming clinical development in gene and cell therapies. Learn more about our capabilities in advanced therapies and contact us to connect with our internal experts.

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