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Newly-published case study sharing strategies to accelerate enrollment timelines for diabetes trials.

Newly-published case study sharing strategies to accelerate enrollment timelines for diabetes trials.

Success Stories in Diabetes Studies

The enrollment and retention of study participants is critical in ensuring a trial runs smoothly and without delay. But for many studies, especially those for common or widely spread diseases with many competing trials, recruitment and retention can present a significant challenge and pose a risk to delaying timelines, adding cost, and impacting probability of success.

The Medpace team implements strategies to overcome recruitment challenges and achieve enrollment timelines. Our relationship with Sponsors is always transparent and collaborative, which ultimately supports study success.

In a recent Phase II, Type 2 diabetes trial, Medpace faced aggressive timelines to meet a submission deadline. Through a multi-step approach, we were able to accelerate site selection and patient recruitment to help our Sponsor meet enrollment timelines.

Endocrine Metabolic cancer locations
Endocrine & Metabolic

An integrated Approach

With our proven full-service outsourcing model, Medpace delivers high-quality results. To position Endocrine & Metabolic trials for success, we offer our clients:

  • In-house medical, operational, and regulatory expertise embedded within the team throughout the lifecycle of the project, providing additional support and insights
  • Matured relationships with thought leaders, investigative sites, the Medpace global ‘flagship’ metabolic site network, and patient advocacy groups that ensure efficient and quality patient enrollment
  • Four wholly-owned Central Laboratories that offer an extensive selection of biomarkers, along with Imaging and EGC Core Laboratories that provide yet another layer of integrated efficiency
  • Experience with CGM technologies that are selected and vetted to meet tailored study design requirements, streamline vendor management, and accelerate study start-up