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Company Spotlight

International Nurse Practitioner Week: November 8-14

  • November 9, 2020
This week we honor the critical role of nurse practitioners (NPs), who are championing the health of all patients, as part of this year’s annual recognition of National Nurse Practitioner Week, beginning November 8, 2020. The theme for this year’s celebration of NP Week is “NPs Moving Forward: Today. Tomorrow. Together.” The 2020 commemoration occurs as NPs combat COVID-19 and the nursing community celebrates the International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife, coinciding with the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth. Medpace is excited to celebrate our nurse practitioners on staff that contribute exponentially to the accelerated development of safe and effective medical therapeutics and provide a competitive advantage to our sponsors.

Nurse practitioners have a long history of leadership in the conduct of clinical trials at investigative sites at every level”, Medpace nurse practitioner Peggy Kaiser explained. “We provide medical care to participants, coordinate studies, and develop and execute clinical research as principal investigators. Globally we are moving forward as experts in all aspects of clinical research, including employment directly with clinical research organizations and pharmaceutical companies. We have a deep understanding of the immense need for new therapeutics for our patients, and we are committed to accelerating their development.”

Enriches In-house Medical Expertise

Medpace nurse practitioner Elizabeth (Liz) Moore explains that the nurse practitioners’ unique perspective brings added value to the clinical development team. “These highly-trained experts with advanced degrees and hands-on clinical experience provide an additional layer of knowledge and insights that can streamline your studies and address potential challenges early in study planning,” she explained. Our nurse practitioners:

  • Add perspective through the lens of the patient and site staff
  • Review safety data, develop recruitment strategies, and review study documents
  • Provide ongoing therapeutic indication and clinical education and support to clinical operations members including clinical research associates
  • Understand what works in a clinical setting, making them a valuable part of our embedded medical expertise model

“Nurse practitioners are moving forward in our global role to bring new therapeutics to patients in need and Medpace is an industry leader in tapping into our medical and clinical expertise,” explained Liz.

In this year of the International Nurse and the Midwife and during National Nurse Practitioner Week in the United States, Medpace celebrates our nurse practitioners’ contribution to the advancement of new therapeutics. Learn more about our embedded medical expertise.