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Clinical Development

[On-Demand] High Yield Considerations for Clinical Development in Rare and Genetic Diseases of the Kidney

  • December 17, 2021
Clinical studies in renal disease present unique challenges and require a team of medical, regulatory and operational experts who can drive strategy and efficiency that will accelerate your product’s development. Medpace experts recently participated in the 1st Annual Rare & Genetic Kidney Disease Drug Development to share their insights in running clinical trials in this area. Listen in as Medpace’s Senior Medical Director Ajay Srivastava discusses high yield considerations for clinical development in rare genetic diseases of the kidney.

In his presentation, Ajay covers:

  • Common aspects of rare kidney diseases
  • Key points for clinical trail design and drug development
  • Understanding the patient perspective to optimize trial success

Watch the Presentation

We would welcome the opportunity to talk about your upcoming clinical development in kidney diseases. Learn more about our capabilities in nephrology and renal disease and contact us to connect with our internal experts.

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