NASH Imaging

NASH Imaging


  • Global reach with trials at more than 200 sites in more than 1000 patients
  • Multi-site management and QA for trials with MRE, MRS, MRI and US biomarkers for NASH

Maximize Consistency of Image Acquisition within and across Sites

  • Define and verify scanners, acquisition parameters, anatomical coverage, scanning protocols
  • Establish procedures for site qualification, routine quality assurance and quality control
  • Audit trail from enrollment to image upload and verification

Insure Consistency of Image Review and Analysis

  • Experienced project managers and technologists verify image uploads and quality
  • Qualified, board certified centralized image readers/reviewers

End-to-End Process with One Point of Contact for Sponsor

Supported by a team of physicians, medical physicists, technologists, programmers and analysts and coordinators.